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Religious Cross Stitch Patterns

Plaques and portraits with religious themes have virtues besides their obvious beauty. Working on them can be a calming, even meditative experience. They make treasured gifts that may become beloved heirlooms down through the generations. It's also an excellent idea to make them to donate for silent auctions or other fundraisers for your church. At Kooler Design Studio, we have a lovely selection for you to choose from.

One of the most famous paintings of Jesus is "Christ in Gethsemane" by Heinrich Hoffman. Sandy Orton has meticulously translated that prayerful portrait into a cross stitch pattern for you to embroider. The black background maintains Hoffman's powerful chiaroscuro, and you'll be amazed at the detailing of robes, face, hair and halo.

"Christ at 33," also by Hoffman, is a more contemplative portrait. In rich earth tones, it suggests an ancient wall fresco miraculously preserved. Sandy Orton has also created for us "Portrait of Christ," an easier to work kit that nevertheless has such tenderness in the face and eyes that it is as expressive as a fine painting.

"The Lord's Prayer" and "The 23rd Psalm" have also been designed for us by Sandy. The Lord's Prayer focuses on the words, surrounded by a border that looks carved in granite. Sandy puts the words of the 23rd Psalm in a cross-shaped field, and surrounds it with a beautiful scene of a shepherd watching his flock under a dramatic sky. Put this where you will see it and read it every day.

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