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Kooler Design Studio is proud to be associated with the top needlework designers in the world. Over the years they have produced thousands of popular needlepoint, cross-stitch, craft, home decor and lifestyle projects for sale all over the world.

Donna Kooler Donna Kooler Linda Gillum Linda Gillum Basha Kooler Basha Kooler
Nancy Rossi Nancy Rossi Sandy Orton Sandy Orton Barbara Baatz Hillman Barbara Baatz Hillman
Ruthie Marks Ruthie Marks Laura Nownes Laura Nownes Dianne Woods Dianne Woods

   Our other Authors and Artists include:
  • Shelley Carda
  • Donna Lovelady
  • Lula Chang
  • Erin Dertner
  • Nicky Epstein
  • Sharon Engel
  • Jorja Hernandez
  • Rona Horn
  • Judy Jacobs
  • Pam Johnson
  • Grace Kaplan
  • Kay Kaduce
  • Elizabeth Kerr
  • Nancy Nehring
  • Dora Ohrenstein
  • Nancy Overton
  • Chuck Overton
  • Philosopher's Wool
  • ThimbleCreek
  • Tamie Rodke
  • Sandy Scoville
  • Donna Yuen