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Cross Stitch Borders

Wouldn't you have especially sweet dreams when you put your head on a pillow bordered with dancing folk art angels? We think so! You'll find them, along with angel bunnies, gardening angels, angel-of-the-month and more in Linda Gillum's 101 Folk Art Angels.

Cross stitch borders can be used in many ways. Bed linens are just the beginning! Use a border of seashells on towels, cherries on kitchen curtains, and red apples on aprons. Make beautiful floral bookmarks for adults or bookmarks featuring fun-loving monkeys for kids. Miter the corners of borders to make expressive matting for photographs. A cross stitch border is charming on a little girl's dress, and she'll be delighted that you made it just for her! Baby items such as blankets, quilts and bibs can be decorated with a wide range of captivating borders.

Donna Kooler's 555 Fabulous Cross-Stitch Patterns offers all kinds of borders, from ornate florals to fun critters, from stars to berries to bears. Seasonal and holiday borders include holly, hearts, flags, birthday candles, pumpkins, snowmen and more in this book and in her 555 Timeless Cross-Stitch Patterns and 555 Cross-Stitch Motifs.

Pattern Master's "Cross-Stitch Clipart" series is a collection of CD-ROMs that allow you to make your own designs using your computer. Volume Three has a section dedicated to borders and corners. Anything you can create on your computer screen can be transformed into a cross stitch pattern. Let your imagination run wild, and then let your needle chase it!

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