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Everyone makes mistakes! On this page you'll find corrections to errors that we've found in our books and kits.

Many of these files require that you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download at no charge for your computer by clicking here.

555 Christmas Cross-Stitch Designs (Chapelle, Ltd.   ISBN: 0806920726)

 Pages 56-62 (PDF 15Kb)
 Page 62 (PDF 240Kb)

80+ Cross-Stitch Kind Thoughts (Leisure Arts   #3995)

 Page 24, 29, 36 (PDF 22Kb)

99 Cross-Stitch Luvable Pets (Leisure Arts   #3994)

 Page 8 (PDF 12Kb)
 Page 20 (PDF 39Kb)
 Page 42 (PDF 110Kb)

American Antique Sampler - PDF (Kooler Design Studio   #1724)

 Page 18 (PDF 222Kb)
 Page 20 (PDF 187Kb)

Baby Bibs to Cross-Stitch (Leisure Arts   #4028)

 Page 12 (PDF 1.6Mb)
 Page 14 (PDF 216Kb)

Blessings (Leisure Arts   #3479)

 Pages 2-10 (PDF 2.2Mb)

Cabled Accessories (Leisure Arts   #3865)

 Page 5 (PDF 49Kb)

Carousel Horses in Cross-Stitch (Chapelle, Ltd.   ISBN: 0806988363)

 Page 36 (PDF 38Kb)

Crochet in Bloom (Leisure Arts   #3992)

 Page 21 (PDF 48Kb)

Crochet Insider's Passion for Fashion (Leisure Arts   #4542)

 Page 45 (PDF 43Kb)

Crocheted Christmas Stockings (Leisure Arts   #4032)

 Page 6 (PDF 10Kb)

Donna Kooler's Crocheted Afghans (Chapelle, Ltd.   ISBN: 1402706332)

 Pages 22-127 (PDF 17Kb)
 Page 62 (PDF 1.5Mb)
 Page 67 (PDF 1.5Mb)
 Page 78 (PDF 242Kb)
 Page 90 (PDF 41Kb)
 Page 116 (PDF 345Kb)

Donna Kooler's Stocking Collection 2nd Edition (Leisure Arts   #4819)

 Pages 27-29 (PDF 83Kb)
 Pages 51, 53 (PDF 47Kb)
 I Love Santas (PDF 443Kb)

Donna Kooler's Ultimate Stocking Collection (Leisure Arts   #4082)

 Pages 25, 46 (PDF 76Kb)
 Page 47 (PDF 8Kb)

Encyclopedia of Crochet (Leisure Arts   #15906)

 Page 60 (PDF 940Kb)
 Pages 66-67 (PDF 10Kb)
 Page 96 (PDF 71Kb)
 Page 173 (PDF 90Kb)
 Page 216 (PDF 44Kb)

Encyclopedia of Knitting (Leisure Arts   #15914)

 Page 60 (PDF 170Kb)
 Page 99 (PDF 65Kb)
 Page 173 (PDF 167Kb)
 Page 189 (PDF 28Kb)
 Page 201 (PDF 38Kb)

Gathering Honey - PDF (Kooler Design Studio   #2597)

 Floss Symbols (PDF 282Kb)

Knit Beaded Purses (Leisure Arts   #3986)

 Page 10 (PDF 753Kb)

Mini Ornaments (Leisure Arts   #4611)

 Page 46 (PDF 46Kb)

Piece-By-Piece 18 Small Quilt Projects (Leisure Arts   #4591)

 Pages 34 (PDF 232Kb)
 Page 47 (PDF 438Kb)

Quilting for the First Time (Chapelle, Ltd.   ISBN: 0-8069-8561-5)

 Pages 46-49 (PDF 72Kb)
 Page 93 (PDF 182Kb)

Quilts of ThimbleCreek (Leisure Arts   #15907)

 Page 32 (PDF 38Kb)
 Page 44 (PDF 40Kb)
 Page 46 (PDF 60Kb)
 Page 70 (PDF 46Kb)
 Page 141 (PDF 46Kb)

Ruthie's Easy Crocheted Afghans (Leisure Arts   #3856)

 Page 5 (PDF 69Kb)
 Page 6 (PDF 73Kb)
 Page 18 (PDF 38Kb)

Sheep To Shawl (Leisure Arts   #3864)

 Page 36 (PDF 38Kb)

The Best of Kooler Design Studio (Leisure Arts   #5605)

 Pages 36,38,182 (PDF 57Kb)