PixelHobby is a fascinating technique of using tiny plastic mosaics and placing them over a clear plastic 4″ x 5″ baseplate comprised of hundreds of evenly spaced posts. The chart is printed in the same size as the baseplate and has symbols representing 4 colors that will be used on that section of baseplate. When you have finished installing the 4 colors, you move the baseplate to the next chart of 4 more colors, and so on.


Working on a PixelHobby kit is a bit like putting together a puzzle. The pieces fit just right and you have a picture to reference. However, it’s also like working a needlepoint design. You follow a chart and all of the background is filled.  We have a few kits in stock on our website, but you may find many more Kooler Design Studio kits at www.hobbyware.com

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