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Save the Bees!

Taste the delicious honey from the orange blossoms. Honey bees frolic in this intricate design by Nancy Rossi. Honey bees in a natural beehive or in a wooden hutch. It all tastes delicious.



Painted Ladies

Three Victorian homes with manicured gardens remind us of a scene from Mary Poppins. The beautiful urban homes that are nestled in the big city have the feel of a warm country neighborhood.



Blue and White Stitch Life

Beautiful shades of blue are used in our design of a still life in the classic blue and white china of Willow Ware and Royal Copenhagen. This cool toned piece would look striking in any kitchen or dining room. We even added the flower arrangement so that you will have cut flowers every day.



A Stitch in Time

“Take Time to Smell the Roses” when you have “Time on your Hands” and you will thoroughly enjoy life. Our clock marks the moments and milestones of our lives in this whimsical and detailed design.



Butterflies, Bunnies, and Birds; Oh My!

Take a stroll down the whimsical side of nature with this charming sampler. Complete with bunnies and butterflies, it’s sure to bring a smile to your face.



Speak to the Earth

This classic sampler by Sandy Orton, titled Speak To The Earth has been highly sought after and we are pleased to be bringing it back by popular demand. Out of print since 1997, this detailed and delightful sampler features fish, fowl and many other creatures.



Friendly Forest

A wreath of acorns adorns this lovely design of forest animals. You see a cougar, a bear, a buck, a raccoon, and a wolf decorating the wreath. Moonlight casts a soft shadow across the lake in the background. You can almost feel the cool fresh air of the wilderness when you look at this design, PDF Download – Friendly forest creatures gather in this cozy little pattern.



Quaint Meadows

Stitch this beautiful country church settled in a serene spring meadow. Perhaps a wedding is taking place inside or maybe it’s a place for you to step into to get out of the hustle and bustle of life and contemplate.



Dreaming of Italy

Tuscany, a charming land blessed by the genius of man and nature! A birds-eye view of vineyards on rolling hillsides with lush green cypress trees. This Counted Cross-stitch design by Nancy Rossi is sure to cause one to fantasize about living there, strolling down quiet lanes bound by creamy-colored villas, and basking happily in the Tuscan sun.



The Classic American Sampler

A schoolgirl sampler that exemplifies the distinctive style indicative of the Mary Balch School, from the architectural arrangement to the moral sentiments expressed right down to the authentic stitches used.

This design appeared in Treasures in Needlework: Spring 1993, Vol. II, No. 1 and has long been unavailable, but now it’s back!.