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Here are a number of links to our partners who manufacture kits, publish books, or incorporate our designs into their products. You can find virtually all of our products on our Shop pages, as well as some of our partners below.

Are you interested in becoming a Kooler Design Studio Partner? Contact us for more information through our Contact Us page.

Needlecraft Kits & Charts


Hobby Lobby creates and distributes kits based on many Kooler designs under their Artiste brand.

If you have inquiries regarding these kits, please contact Hobby Lobby Customer Service directly by phone 800-888-0321 or 1-405-745-1835, email shop@hobbylobby.com or their Customer Service Form.


CBK Needlepoint produces hand-painted needlepoint canvases of many Kooler designs including many of our most popular works for pillows, ornaments and stockings.


Books & Magazines


Leisure Arts

Many of our books on needlearts and crafts as well as our popular Wedding Series books have been published by Leisure Arts.


Many of our book titles are available on Amazon.com.


Other Media and Partners


Independent Creative Group

Independent Creative Group provides distribution for our products to retailers.


Hobbyware produces Pattern Maker: a software program that is used to create cross-stitch designs. We provide a library of design elements for the product that can be incorporated into complete designs for personal use.


PixelHobby produces PixelHobby Designer: a software program that for creating a new, easy and exciting "mini-mosaic" craft. Hobbyware--which distributes PixelHobby in North America--works with us to include our designs in the product that can now be created in this new art format.


Infowit produces Infowit Creative Manager: a software program for creative companies like ours that we use to manage our time, projects and business. If you have a team of creative people and need to manage them, this is the product for you.


Other Craft- and Needlework-Related Links