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Home is where the heart is and variety is the spice of life. These birdhouses are as varied as can be. They are very special homes to our little feathered friends. Find this chart Here!

A Cottage Garden

This delicate and beautiful greenhouse style design by Nancy Rossi brings the outside ‘in’ with lovely depictions of Roses, Clematis, Delphinium, Hollyhocks and more. Birds, frogs and insects flit and flutter about the classic and elegant birdhouse which is the focal point of this design. Find the chart Here!


An Exotic Tapestry

With fabulous exotic design and stunning contrasting shades, this classic Persian tapestry is perfect for bohemian room décor. This piece will make a bold statement in any room; find the chart Here!

Dreaming of Paradise

Bird-of-Paradise and Hibiscus! Petals of absolute perfection in wispy shades of pastel color. Add to that, the stunning Orchids that bedeck this outstanding design. The center diamond of orchids is worked over one thread to capture every nuance of the delicate petals. A stitched, beaded fringe adds a finishing touch to this elegant piece. Find the chart Here!

The Importance of Bees

A beautiful Beehive motif graces this sampler from Sandy Orton.”Life is the flower of which love is the honey.” This rich and colorful design has lots to offer the experienced stitcher. It has a variety of stitches, stitches over one thread and forget-me-nots, carnations, and bees everywhere. Find the chart Here!

A Beautiful Rustic Sampler

This is our take on the classic Americana band sampler in a style more sophisticated than primitive. This subtle design by Deanna Hall West has soft tones of gold, green and teal which will fit into today’s décor. A full 18 ¼” long on 14 count fabric when finished. Find the chart Here!